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In a world where the internet is 24-hour usage by every person, the internet speed may cause hindrances in multiple functioning. It feels most annoying during online streaming. Watching a movie online and then waiting for it to get loaded several times makes you annoyed or disinterested in the movie. Therefore, downloading and watching it offline would be a better option to have a better experience of the film or to relate to the story.

Again, the experience depends not only on the speed of the internet but also on the graphics and resolution of the movie and the laptop’s features. For example, watching an HD movie on a MacBook would be a whole new experience for you. Therefore, several softwares like MacX Converter is designed this way to download videos from YouTube to MacBook. You can go offline and watch the view whatever you want and move back and forth how many times you want without experiencing the hindrance of internet speed.

Androids are not behind in the race. YouTube Video Downloader for Android would help you download your videos and movies from Youtube and go offline to enjoy them without making the internet an issue. However, there are certain restrictions on Youtube and not every video is allowed to be downloaded on your Android; however, still, you would find some videos that are allowed to and having a Youtube video downloader would make things easy for you.

Here is mentioned one of the best YouTube Video Downloader for Android.

TubeMate YouTube Downloader

One of the best and most convenient YouTube Video Downloader for Android is TubeMate. It has a built-in browser helps you browse the video you want, download it and play it from the app. The video format to be downloaded on your android and the quality could be chosen per the available options.

The downloading speed could also be adjusted. However, the negative point it could have is the ad distractions. Rest, you will learn the positive features, including its auto-complete functionality.



Another YouTube Video Downloader for Android is the Snaptube downloader which is best known for its high-quality and high-resolution downloads. Videos could easily be downloaded up to the resolution of 2k HD, 4k HD, including 144p, 720p, and 1080p resolution. This app also supports audio downloads in the format. Thus, it’s your choice which format you want to have or which resolution you would prefer to download the video of your choice.

Snaptube has been updated with some advanced features that ease downloading. For example, providing you with higher ranges for video/ audio quality. These features make this app the most recommended YouTube Video Downloader for Android. However, the user needs to be cautious as some of the users found some security issues related to it. Therefore, one must be careful while downloading this app on android.


You might have yet to hear about NewPipe however, this is also an android app that downloads audios and videos from YouTube. This app explicitly analyses the information required for downloading videos without searching or choosing for it manually. It downloads the video that is best fit for your android. Still, you choose the resolutions and the formats of your choice.

The feature which NewPipe separately has from the other apps is its user-friendly feature. Once, you select your favourite channels on YouTube, it keeps you updated about them and helps you save them on your android sets. Most importantly, it will not distract you or annoy you by popping up the ads. You can keep doing your working smoothly.

Also, you can carry on the activities on your android while using NewPipe. Its movable so it would not cause hindrance to your activities. It hardly consumes your 2MB therefore, NewPipe is a considerable choice for YouTube Video Downloader for Android.


Another exciting and user-friendly app that you should know about it is KeepVid. This is not only the YouTube Video Downloader for Android but can also download videos from other sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo and several others. You would find the interface of KeepVid user-friendly, which means it would be used rather than taking time to search for options and concentrating on what to do next. You can easily download multiple videos at a time. This means that it saves your energy and time to much extent.

Apart from selecting the videos you want to download on your Android, you can simultaneously choose the format you would like to download your video. Another fantastic feature of this app is that it is efficient enough to download 4K videos. Also, it is flexible enough and does not impose restrictions on the size of the video. However, this user-friendly and recommended app is not available on Playstore, and one must download it from the official site of

Popping up ads between searching and selecting the videos to download is very irritating. However, KeepVid would save you from that also. You can smoothly search for the video you want and align it for downloading. Thus, KeepVid is one such app that one must consider as YouTube Video Downloader for Android.


Mentioned are a few to many YouTube Video Downloader for Android that is user-friendly and could be considered for your Android to download videos of your choice. Your busy schedules, the multiple breaks you need to go through while watching a video, and the internet speed you are having at your current location are the obvious reasons to go offline.

Therefore, keeping all of these points in view, multiple video downloaders have been designed. The best suitable formats for your Androids is also considered while designing these apps. Therefore, you would see that most YouTube Video Downloaders for Android would have the option of choosing the format or the video quality they want or either you want to download it in audio version or video. Now the choice is yours!

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