Top 8 Alternatives to TubeMate for Mobile Devices

Top 8 Alternatives to TubeMate for Mobile Devices


There are instances when we need to save videos from the internet (often YouTube) for later viewing. Because the most popular streaming services do not offer a download option, we must rely on supplementary software. Like TubeMate, for example. But if you don’t like using it, I’ll give a list of alternatives to TubeMate that you should check out.

Applications Similar to TubeMate

Video Downloader Pro

Please note that the aforementioned software is currently Android-only. For this reason, you may wish to request one for use with your iOS device. All right here comes the top video grabber.
The layout is nearly identical to that of Apple’s Safari app for iOS. All of the videos can be downloaded without any hiccups thanks to the browser’s support. You can download at no additional cost and even let the downloads run in the background while you do something else.
There is a price tag associated with downloading this program.


Similar to TubeMate is the app VidMate. I guess you could call VidMate a “improved version of TubeMate.” One major reason I stopped using the original software was because of its dull user interface. However, this one has a flawless interface; therefore it wins hands down.
The built-in browser in VidMate allows you to access any website and grab any embedded movies. If you frequently use the YouTube app, you may tell VidMate to start downloading a video by selecting Share>> VidMate from within the app.
There are several fake apps floating around the Google Play Market, so be careful. To get the first version of this programme, click the button below.


In the same vein as TubeMate, SnapTube is an excellent choice for those looking for a straightforward means to download videos that have been embedded in web pages. SnapTube has the finest user interface of all the video downloading apps I’ve tried, thus it gets my vote if you ask me which one is the best.
The design features “tiles” that provide quick access to the most visited video-streaming websites. Any of them can be clicked to begin downloading a video after you’ve browsed through it. You can also copy the URL and paste it into their address bar to minimise unnecessary time wasted wondering.
SnapTube is an Android-exclusive app.

GO YouTube

In an effort to accommodate smartphones that can’t run the full YouTube app, Google released a stripped-down version of the programme called YouTube Go.
In spite of YouTube’s stricter Terms of Service, many continue to utilise it as a downloader. Users may now download videos from YouTube without worrying about a time limit thanks to YouTube Go. It’s a breeze to operate.
The video quality of the downloaded file is not limited in any way. Even high-definition (HD) video downloads are possible. This version of YouTube allows you to download any video, even if it isn’t available in the main app. In addition, you can use Bluetooth to transfer your downloaded videos to another device.
You should also verify that your device is compatible with YouTube Go before downloading the app.

Mp3 Juice

Mp3 Juice is an excellent alternative to TubeMate that allows you to download videos from YouTube without costing you anything.

This program allows you to easily and quickly download videos from YouTube. Furthermore, it’s not limited to the YouTube platform. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram are just a few of the many sites where you can get videos to download.
There is full compatibility with all popular video file types. High-resolution video downloads (up to 4K UHD) are also possible with this app. The HDR Video Enhancement function is also one of my favorites, since it can boost the quality of your downloaded videos by as much as 30 percent.
This app allows you to choose whether to watch videos online or offline. You can use the app without worrying about your online security because it includes a free virtual private network.

Video Downloader

Video Downloader is exactly what it says on the tin, allowing you to conveniently download videos to your phone.
This no-cost program includes a web browser for locating and downloading videos of your choosing. The video files you have downloaded can be seen and played directly in the app’s built-in player.
Formats such as MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and many more are fully supported. Not only are video formats like PDF, TXT, and DOC supported, but so are a wide variety of others.
The app’s download manager is my favorite feature because it allows you to download numerous files at once and to pause and resume them. This is fantastic because it means you won’t have to restart your download from the beginning if something goes wrong.
In addition, you have the option of storing your data in a secure, password-protected location.

Video Downloader, Private File Downloader & Saver


Another tool that works like TubeMate but doesn’t cost anything is Video Downloader, Private File Downloader & Saver.

It works with numerous platforms, including social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and TikTok, as well as instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Messenger. You can save time and energy by downloading many files simultaneously with the help of the integrated file manager.

KeepVid Android

The app, as its name implies, is designed exclusively for Android devices. By using the app’s built-in web browser, you may quickly and easily perform a YouTube video search. Facebook video can be downloaded using KeepVid as well.

Like the other apps, this one has a converter that lets you get the MP3 version of the file’s audio. KeepVid’s efficient batch management ensures that processing time is distributed fairly across all tasks.
Please use the official website link provided below to get the app. In addition, if you are reading this on a computer, you can scan the QR code to get more information.


That wraps up our countdown of alternatives to TubeMate for both Android and iOS to eight. All three provide the same function, albeit in slightly different ways. They may operate somewhat differently and handle a little different set of file types, but both are simple to use and provide high-definition video.

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