Top 7 Companies to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers in 2023

Ruby on Rails is a versatile web development framework that builds robust, flexible full-stack web applications. Both tech and non-tech companies hire Ruby on Rails developers due to its wide range of benefits, such as rapid development, low costs, security measures, and low risks. The framework can develop frontend, server-side end, database, servers, and related web development processes.

Ruby on Rails is mostly used for handling high-traffic websites. Many traffic-heavy companies, such as Netflix, Airbnb, Shopify, Twitter, etc., have utilized the framework on their web apps. If you are deciding to use the framework to build your web apps, you need to hire Ruby on Rails developers from a Ruby on Rails Development Company.

The article will provide you with a list of the top 7 Ruby on Rails Development Companies to choose from for your project.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a framework developed to build web-based applications. It utilizes principles such as “convention over configuration” and “Don’t repeat yourself” for code reusability and conciseness. Ruby on Rails has a plethora of libraries in different web development domains, from AI to blockchain, making it a versatile framework to build any web application.

Rails is based on Ruby language, which is a dynamic object-oriented language. The language has a concise syntax that allows every line to be independent of each other. That allows rapid coding and ease in testing and compiling. It also provides a default structure for web pages and databases. Also, it supports the use of web standards such as XML and JSON for data transfer. With all such benefits, it is only natural why many companies hire Ruby on Rails developers for their projects.

Top 7 Companies To Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

1. Optymize

Optymize is a growing talent marketplace platform connecting the top 3% of talented developers to startups and Fortune 500 companies. Optymize provides developers and solutions related to Ruby on Rails, IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain, frontend, and backend development. 

Alumni of Goldman Sachs, Google, and Amazon vet their team of expert developers.

With Optymize, you can hire Ruby on Rails developers within 48 hours. Based on your project requirements, they provide a list of suitable programmers you can interview and shortlist smoothly. Optymize has served clients including Google Ventures, Coinbase,  Tesla, Sequoia Capital, and Bloomberg.

2. RubySoft

RubySoft is another reliable company to hire Ruby on Rails developers who can provide expert solutions. As the name suggests, the company specializes in providing high-end custom Ruby on Rails development services. They also focus on AI/ML, Big Data, and IoT-based solutions. The company mainly focuses on custom web development, e-commerce software development, enterprise software development, mobile application development, and API integration services. They have served some top clients, including Toyota, Nectarin, Evolv, etc.

3. HiQo Solutions

HiQo Solutions is a development company from Georgia, US. They provide web development services to enterprises and startups from both technical and non-technical business domains. You can hire Ruby on Rails developers who are specialized in web designing and development, custom software development, e-commerce software development, mathematical data processing, and IoT development. Apart from it, they also give technology consulting services. Their team comprises trained Ruby on Rails developers with diverse expertise in providing custom Ruby on Rails services.

4. Rubyroid Labs

Rubyroid Labs is a custom-based Ruby on Rails development company from Pennsylvania, US. The company specializes in website and web app design, development, and cross-platform solutions. You can hire Ruby on Rails developers from this company as they have over seven years of rich experience in providing  Ruby on Rails solutions to multiple businesses and startups, including Volvo, MasterCard, DroneBase, etc. They have a huge list of happy clients and have delivered around 100 projects for US and W. Europe businesses.

 Rubyroid Labs also provides development support in e-commerce-based solutions, custom CRM solutions, ERP, database development, and many more. 

5. United Ideas

United Ideas is a Ruby on Rails development company with deep and diverse expertise in providing web and mobile development solutions. The US-based company has experts in RoR web development, UX/UI design, frontend and backend solutions, and project management. 

They also have data science, big data, machine learning, and cross-platform expertise. They offer their services to startups and small and mid companies and have satisfied more than 600 clients.

6. UNL IT Solutions

UNL IT Solutions is another Ruby on Rails development company offering its clients Ruby on Rails developers and their services. They have satisfied clients from various domains and have delivered multiple Rails-based solutions. They even provide free consultations along with different strategies to approach the problem. 

Their professional team helps build complex projects, custom software, e-commerce, social media platforms, and many more. Apart from consulting and staff augmentation, the company specializes in mobile app development and QA & testing.

7. SimbirSoft

SimbirSoft is a software solutions provider company that has been actively working in the US, Russia, and European countries since 2001. 

SimbirSoft has become a Ruby on Rails development company and delivers development services to several organizations in various domains such as construction, oil & gas, healthcare, education, finance, retail, and many more. They also provide IT outsourcing, mobile development, QA and testing, and other high-end services.


Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular server-side frameworks which can be used to build diverse real-world applications. Many top companies already use the framework, and new startups hire Ruby on Rails developers for their MVPs and rapid scalability benefits. It is your turn to avail the framework’s benefits and hire Ruby on Rails developers for rapid app development, robust backend support, data security,  and market scalability at a suitable price. To hire Ruby on Rails developers and any consultations regarding web development, contact Optymize. Their team of experts will help you with any of your project demands.

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