Title Report for Your ADU in San Jose

ADU can give you many benefits; especially in providing a separate home for your parents. If you want to increase the property value and create a recreational place for your family members, you can think about adding an ADU unit to your property.

However, you have to obtain a title report for your ADU so that you can get started with the project. You can contact a professional that will guide you with what a title report is.

If you are looking for the best San Jose ADU designs, then you should contact ADU Construction. Now, let us understand everything about the title report for your ADU unit.

What is a title report?

A title report is an insurable document containing information about the ADU unit that is mostly required by mortgage lenders or insurers if you are transferring ownership.

If you are building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in San Jose, then a preliminary title report is used. A preliminary title report is used by jurisdictions and property owners as a part of the development process. This is not an insurable document.

This type of report helps to give information about what type of ADU you are going to build on your property.

Inclusions in a title report

A Preliminary Title Report includes the following things:

  • The property that is in question.
  • The legal description of the concerned land.
  • The owner of the property.
  • The restrictions or requirements about the property.
  • A list of easements, liens, encumbrances, and other information that affect the title to the property as of the time and date of the report.

How to obtain a title report for your ADU project

You can obtain a preliminary title report from a title company directly. Your general contractor should help you obtain such reports by introducing you to a reputable company. You can expect to spend approximately $1500 to get a title report. It might take up to a week to obtain such reports.

A title report tells where to build an ADU

A title report gives information about your property through a public record search. These records can be found at the County Recorder’s Office located in the same county as the parcel of land.

It includes all the publicly available information. It gives you information about the buyer or owner of the property. This type of information is important as it is a part of the development process for your ADU unit.

This type of report can demand the pre-existing requirements that each jurisdiction has on the property. If your property does not fulfill such requirements then you might not be allowed to build an ADU on your property.

When should you obtain a title report?

If you think there is an easement or restriction on your property, then you should get a title report that will help in the feasibility study.

This report will enable you to understand the best location to build your ADU unit depending on the property restrictions. If you don’t obtain a title report before building an ADU in an area covered by an easement, then the city might catch this in the check process.

As a result, you will need to redesign your ADU unit all over again.


The title report is important to start building your ADU unit; however, it will not tell you about the easements or restrictions on your property that are not recorded.

These non-recorded easements will have the same restrictions as the recorded ones. So, you might face legal hassles later. You might have to change the plans and designs for your ADU unit, which might take a lot of time and waste a lot of bucks of your.

So, you should contact a professional to figure out the easements and restrictions on your property, so that you won’t face any difficulties later. This will help you proceed with the development process without any obstructions.

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