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We are really lucky if our crush takes out time to talk to us, and we should always try to keep the conversation fun. We often don’t know how to kickstart a conversation with our crush, but we really want to talk to them. The way of starting a conversation should always be non-creepy and should never show our desperation to talk to them. Here we have brought some great tips to kickstart a conversation with your crush:


People love when somebody shows interest in them. If you show you want to know the person, they will be very happy to share who they are, with you. Ask open ended questions from your crush so the conversation does not end with a mere ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Ask about their hobbies, their favorite food items, their favorite pass-time, and everything else. Show interest in them and let the conversation keep going smoothly. 


Everybody likes funny people, and if you have a humorous side, do not hide it from your crush. Be funny with them as people love spending time with people who can make them worry less and laugh more. Send them memes, crack some jokes, and make them feel light and happy when they are with you. Laughter and happy thoughts are great ice-breakers. You can always start a conversation with a funny meme, or gif, or a joke, or any funny situation that happened with you. Make them feel comfortable around you. 


Every individual wants to feel special and loved. Being for your special person when they feel low is a great way to make them feel special. You do not always need to talk something. You can just be there beside them, and make them feel loved. Send flowers online to your crush and surprise them with these small gestures. These are a great way of kickstarting a conversation with your crush and making your way into their hearts. 


People often figure out if you are being fake or real in front of them. Not being who you are and pretending to be someone else is a big red flag, and your crush may become repelled from you. Being confident in your own skin and being who you are is a great attractive quality that every body wants in their person. Never try to be who you are not and you will see your crush falling in love with you. This quality of yours will always be a great boon for kickstarting of your conversation with your crush in a beautiful and swift manner. You can arrange for online flower delivery in Kolkata if your crush resides there, and make their day. 


Who does not like compliments? Every human being wants to get complimented and feel good. Complimenting your crush is a great way of kickstarting a great conversation. This also releases happy hormones in them that will make them attracted to you. Start the conversation with a great and decent complement, and make your crush blush. You can also make them special and send flowers online. This will make them know that you into them without you directly telling them. Get some nerves and compliment them in a great way. 

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These are some of the ways to kickstart a conversation with your crush. Being smart, and bold is the best way to keep the conversation rolling. Always keep in mind to be decent and respectful. Think before saying, and always be who you are. Never try to be a different person just to impress them as they will find out about it and will make distance from you. Express your feelings in a smart way through your actions. Make them fall in love with you gradually. Do not outburst your feelings on them without creating a connection with them. Let them know you are into them without you directly telling them, and make them feel special. Also, never take them for granted. Always treat them with the same special feeling and respect throughout the relationship. So kickstart a great conversation with your crush, and create a special bond with these awesome ideas.

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