SEO Tips for Image Link Building to Generate More Traffic

A positive correlation exists between the number of links referring to your website and the number of visitors that find it via search engines such as Google. Both from people “crawling” the web and clicking on links and from search engines indexing and displaying your material to those people. Your site’s discoverability, position in search engine results, and ability to draw visitors may all benefit from different SEO link-building tactics.

Twenty-two percent of all Google searches are for images. Because of this, optimizing your images for search engines is essential. Otherwise, you risk losing a substantial quantity of potential visitors. Engine optimization for images might bring in plenty of visitors by two main methods:

To begin, if you want to rank higher in Google Images, use optimized photos. Second, pictures play a big role in on-page search engine optimization. Google’s picture search results have appeared more often in recent years, before the standard organic results.

Put Up Guest Articles

“Guest blogging” refers to contributing articles to another relevant website. Using this tactic as part of a backlink strategy requires that you avoid plagiarising the work of others. In the last paragraph, you should provide your byline and a link to your website. Choosing high-quality sites for guest blogging and producing high-quality material for those sources is essential. Otherwise, you risk hurting rather than benefiting your standing. Buy affordable backlinks.

Because the content of newsletters sent using services like Substack and Revue is archived online and sent to subscribers’ inboxes, these newsletters may be used to build backlinks. As many newsletters welcome guest pieces and operate by email, it is not unusual to contact the writer with suggestions for collaboration.

The Internet Is Your Best Friend

Videos, online pages, and other photos may all benefit from being shared on social media. Although having a strong Google presence is crucial, having a strong social media presence is as crucial. Spreading your efforts over many platforms can help you reach the largest possible audience on social media.

With a social media team and a plugin like Yoast SEO, it is easy to distribute content across many networks with just a few mouse clicks. In addition, you may schedule your posts in advance, allowing you to upload photographs and write-ups at the exact times you’d want.

It has been shown that users are more likely to see a social media post if it includes an image or video; hence, link-building using photos would be particularly useful on these sites. Although social media shares and reposts do not directly affect your SEO Company India rankings, they help more people find you.

Get In The Habit Of Putting In The Effort To Form New Bonds

You could receive a link if you reach out to blogs and websites in your niche to promote something you have just created, such as an educational essay or a case study. Yet, in the end, you should aim to cultivate a continuing connection, whether or not a backlink appears. They may follow your future progress with interest, share information about your company, contact you for an interview or a guest post opportunity, etc.

In addition to networking with other experts in your field, you should also actively connect with your target demographic. Although results from this strategy will not be immediate, you can start putting it into action by sending out introduction emails, creating meaningful connections on social media, and commenting on others’ material. Those who know, like, and respect you are more likely to share your material.

Justify Picture Size for Viewing

The loading time of a web page is a major factor in the quality of the user’s experience. In addition, if you are not careful with file sizes, you might unintentionally slow down your website. Take a picture using your phone, for example. Nowadays, the smartphone photography standard is at least 4032 pixels wide and 3024 pixels tall.

A website with a maximum picture width of 600 pixels will have an unnecessarily huge image. Because of it, your site’s load time may increase. To prevent this, ensure your photographs are the largest possible size before uploading them.

Manual picture resizing is possible using Photoshop or a less complex program like Canva. A WordPress plugin like Resize Picture After Upload is another option.

Make use of Memes

It may seem strange, but memes have become a powerful marketing tool that can make a website or page popular for weeks or months. Photoshop and Meme Generator are only two of the numerous tools available for making and modifying your memes. Using social media to disseminate your memes is key to reaching your intended audience and making the picture go viral. Sharing, reposting, and hosting images for memes is a great way to build links. As a result, your website’s link popularity and exposure will increase because of this.

Organize Your Website’s Images Using A Sitemap

Putting up an image sitemap is a simple way to improve your photos’ visibility in SERPs. The image sitemap is similar to a standard XML sitemap but limited to picture URLs.

Submitting a sitemap to Google that only contains links to pictures may increase the likelihood that Google will index your site’s photos and display them in image search results. Compared to a sitemap that lists your URLs, an image sitemap has one significant distinction. As external URLs may be included in image sitemaps, a CDN can store the photos (more on that later).

When we say “cheap,” we’re referring to low-quality content, not low-priced content; certain strategies may be costly even if deemed a “black hat” SEO technique. Never pay for linkage. Paying for advertisements is different from buying backlinks. The advantages of sponsored advertising go beyond backlinks, and Google can detect whether a link is part of a paid ad rather than a manipulative link-building campaign. (A schema has also been developed for advertorials.)

In a similar vein, avoid engaging in widespread link trading. Backlink exchanges with trusted business partners are allowed, but massive link-exchange efforts are frowned upon by search engines.


SEO still relies heavily on link building since it contributes to increased lead generation and overall website traffic. If you employ picture link building, you may be certain you’ll outperform the competition.


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