Remodeling a Small Kitchen to Look Roomy

Remodeling a small kitchen can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! With a few simple changes and tricks, you can create the illusion of a larger area and make your kitchen look roomier. Whether you are hoping to maximize the use of your kitchen space or simply want to give it a new look, there are plenty of options for making the most of your small kitchen with kitchen remodel San Mateo.

Add Mirrors for an Illusion of Space

Mirrors can be one of the best friends of anyone remodeling a small kitchen. By strategically placing mirrors around the room, you can create an illusion of space and make the kitchen appear larger than it actually is. Plus, mirrors can help reflect natural light, brightening up the space so it appears even roomier. Add a few mirrors with frames that match the rest of the kitchen’s decor for a chic, cohesive look.

Explore Creative Storage Solutions

When remodeling a small kitchen, the key is to make it look and feel roomy. One great way to do that? Get creative with your storage solutions! To keep the kitchen looking open and without clutter, explore ways to store items without sacrificing any precious floor space. For example, you can hang utensils from a wall-mounted bar, or use magnetic strips to keep your knives within reach. Hang up shelves to store spices, get a hanging pot rack for your pots and pans, and consider investing in a vertical pull-out pantry for all your dry goods.

Let the Light In with Light Colors and Natural Light

The right colors can open up a small kitchen and make it appear larger than it is. To make your kitchen look more spacious and inviting, consider painting the walls and cabinetry with light colors. When combined with natural light from windows, the colors will create an airy, open atmosphere that makes your kitchen look and feel bigger than it actually is.

Choose Low-Profile Furniture and Appliances

When remodeling your small kitchen, one of the best tips you can follow is to choose low-profile furniture and appliances. By keeping the furniture and appliances close to the floor, you can create the illusion of a larger room. Another great benefit is that you won’t have to worry about your cabinets and counters feeling cramped.

Be Mindful of Where You Place Accents and Accessories

When remodeling a small kitchen to make it look roomy, don’t forget to be mindful of where you place accents and accessories. Accent pieces, such as a brightly colored rug or a set of colorful canisters, can draw the eye and make the room feel larger. Wall art and kitchen decor can also add a touch of personality and make the space look bigger. Just be sure to avoid over-decorating, as too many accessories can make the room feel cluttered and smaller.

Remodeling a small kitchen to make it look roomy does not have to be an expensive endeavor. With the right materials, colors and design, a small kitchen can be transformed into a functional, spacious and aesthetically pleasing space. From sleek cabinetry to striking countertops and accent walls, there are a variety of design options to choose from to give your small kitchen a big look.

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