OPPO Watch 3 Pro vs. OPPO Watch 46mm (Wifi)

Are you looking for a high-end android watch with prime features, chic design, and comfort? These excellent smartwatches assure excellent battery life and great compatibility with Android and IOS devices.  

While having oodles of features and apps, it is extremely tricky to pick your perfect fit, which is ultra-light-weighted and accurately tracks your vitals. So which one is going to be your go-to Watch this year? The renowned Chinese phone maker Oppo released its latest generation of smartwatches. It is worth every penny and has outstanding performance and its unique always-on feature supported by LTPO OLED display. 

 In contrast with Oppo Watch 3 Pro and Watch 46mm (Wifi), everything is just a glance away. Oppo has made it super easy to let you enjoy a 3D curved back design to make it look more attractive from different angles. Additionally, you can also compare these models on the basis of Body, Sensor, Display, Connectivity, Design, and online store. All this information will let you check their unique features and respective specs scores. 

In the Watch 3 Pro model, there are many additions in the form of better satellite connectivity, upgraded sensors, ECG sensors, and more. On the contrary, we cannot deny the importance of the 46mm Watch due to its advancements in longer battery life, water-resistant nature, quality, double storage memory, and more.  

Without a doubt, The OPPO Watch nails the key tenets of a good smartwatch: all-day battery life, fluid performance, reliable connectivity, and affordability. Read on to dig into the comparison table and explore the major differences in features and specs in both smartwatches; 

OPPO Watch 3 Pro vs OPPO Watch 46MM Quick Comparison Table 

Oppo’s pre-loaded features are enough to make your purchase a win-win deal. The OPPO Watch is an easy recommendation for anyone who wants to dip their toes in the Wear OS smartwatch experience. Moreover, the below comparison table contains all the top-notch specs that matter the most to a user while choosing the right aesthetic fit.   

Specifications  Oppo Watch 3 Pro  Oppo Watch 46mm (wifi) 
Battery Capacity  550mAh  430mAh 
Bluetooth connectivity  Yes  Yes 
Body material  Aluminum frame  Rubber 
Display  LTPO AMOLED, Always-on 1.91 inches  AMOLED Flexible Capacitive Touchscreen, 16M Colors 
Resolution  378 x 496 pixels  402 x 476 pixels 
Water Resistant  Yes  Yes 
Inbuilt Memory  32GB  8GB 
Warranty  1 Year  1 Year 
Weight  37 grams  39 grams 
Capacity Type  550 mAh  430 mAh 
Battery Life  Five days  21 days 

Key Features & Specifications

OPPO Smart Watches track your heart rate around the clock, with 4 optical sensors arranged for maximum accuracy no matter how much you’re moving. A vibrating alert will let you know what’s up if anything seems off. The software is clean and highly usable. For more in-depth details, keep scrolling through our manual guide.  

1. Design- A Refreshed Look

The foremost thing that will get your attention in this smartwatch is its exquisite design. Oppo Watch 3 Pro comes with a flat, rectangular shape that looks really fascinating and modern with a classic sleek black body and beautiful rose gold that compliments the dial and watch overall. In comparison, the Oppo 46mm has a curved, rectangular shape that enhances its beauty to another level. 

When it comes to the look, they both are unbeatable and unique in their own way. However, users give all their praise to OPPO Watch (wifi) because it has the factors of both affordability and design.  

However, it doesn’t offer a variety of colors like Oppo pro. There, you can only choose black color, while the other model offers great versatility, and you can get beautiful desert brown and platinum black color that seems really captivating. 

The leather strap material is generally used in the Oppo pro version, weighing only 37 grams with a screen size of 1.91 inches. On the other hand, the 46mm device is made of rubber material that comes with a weight of 39 grams. Its fluoro rubber strap brings you all-day comfort and moisture resistance. 

2. Activity Tracking- Keeps you connected 

The Oppo Watch series has some incredible sensor improvements in all models, which reflects in activity and accurate health tracking. Both these models are amazingly capable of noting sleep quality, calories intake burned, and more! 

Calories intake burned, active minutes, sleep quality, heart rate, and step counting features are present in both devices. However, the sleep hours and distance tracking cannot be found in the Oppo 46mm (Wifi). 

This activity tracking addition is actually the inclusion of an ECG sensor of Oppo devices. An ECG (electrocardiogram is a procedure for checking any abnormalities and measuring heart activity. So, if you’re health-conscious, this would be a plus for you! 

Of course, these models’ activity-tracking features are impressive and comprehensive. However, the predecessor watch has received high remarks from different review sites as it doesn’t compromise on quality and smooth tracking. 

3. Battery & Connectivity- Long Lasting Life 

You will also see considerable differences in Bluetooth & Connectivity specifications. Oppo Watch 3 Pro is equipped with a 550 mAh capacity, which is great enough to manage your tasks efficiently. If you don’t need this high capacity, go with the 46mm Watch with 430 mAh, Li-ion. 

But wait—there’s more! Incapacity factor, the Watch 3 Pro probably wins out. But after exploring the battery of these products, it might be possible that you change your decision and stick to Watch 46mm. With it, you can enjoy its performance and long-lasting battery for up to 21 days. Yes, that’s right!  

In contrast, the Pro model gives you a battery life of only 5 days. Huge Difference, isn’t it? When it comes to connectivity, both are almost equal. Both devices offer Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, as well as NFC. But remember that you cannot avail USB connectivity in any of them. 

4. Overall Display- Brilliant Visuals 

The screen size of both these models is 1.91 inches. Oppo Watch 3 Pro and Oppo Watch 46mm come with a resolution of 378 x 496 pixels and 402 x 476 pixels respectively. You’ll get the touchscreen feature in both of them. Therefore, no matter what you choose, this will always help!  

The cherry on top, its rectangular display makes text content more easily visible than round dials. 

And you will get high resolution in the 46mm resolution if you want to enjoy clear graphics. However, there’s a minor difference to underline there. The pixel density sharpness of the Oppo Pro and Oppo Watch 46 mms are 372 ppi and 326 ppi correlatively.  

Other Features- Makes It Stand Out 

Oppo Watch 3 Pro contains an Android operating system, and the Oppo 46mm is equipped with iOS. Smart Watch, Warranty Card, and User Manual are included in the box contents of both versions to have a pleasing experience. Also, there are more than 100 options for sports tracking.  

It’s very convenient to find your favorite soccer and basketball modes on the Oppo WatchThree Pro. It can only track a limited amount of data, such as exercise time, heart rate, and calories burned, except for a few activities like running or walking. 

Moreover, the function of receiving calls, touch screen, and music control is also available in them. Overall, the Oppo 3 Pro has more extra features compared to 46mm, and because of this, tech lovers mostly prefer this innovative Watch. Last but not the least, the most highlighted pro features includes different zoom systems in android smartwatch. Instead of zooming in and out on the app bubbles, it shows a more consistent arrangement when zoomed in and out. 

Bottom Line 

Oppo Watch 3 Pro and Oppo Watch 46mm are great evolutionary upgraded devices of the second generation. If you are a beginner and need to learn more about the market of new watches, this article is for you as it contains an in-depth review of both gadgets that can help you find the major differences between them. 

Overall, experts find the Oppo Watch 3 Pro model very useful for people who don’t need wifi on a regular basis, as it contains an entire package of many other features that make it ideal and worthwhile. However, if there’s a need for wifi and the latest technology and budget are not an issue, then it’s recommended to opt for the other one.

This enlightening review will be super beneficial for you to determine which one you should choose, depending on your personal requirements and needs! 

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