Marine Conservation in the United of Arab of Emirates (U.A.E)

Why Water is so Important in the UAE?

“Water is more important than oil,” this was the statement of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces in 2011. “

The marine ecosystem is tightly woven with the lives of the people in the UAE. The strategic location of the Strait of Hormuz makes it a vital channel for transporting people, goods, and oil. The rich marine life that inhabits these waters benefit the nation. Water is also used in desalination plants and various industrial activities. Thus, water is a vital part of the nation’s economic, cultural, and social development. No wonder the UAE takes an active role in the conservation of its marine ecosystem.

Marine habitats play an essential role in human survival because they generate more than half of the earth’s oxygen. The UAE acknowledges the importance of marine habitats that is why it has been constantly working to protect the underwater world. The UAE encourages the regeneration of marine ecosystems by setting up artificial coral reefs to provide a haven for marine life. Artificial reefs were set up in recent years to help areas, like sites near Dibba, that were damaged by dredging and ocean degradation. Among them are boat hulls that were sunk to mimic some of the attributes of a natural reef.

The nation’s steady marine conservation efforts make the UAE one of the global leaders in marine protected areas. The UAE joins other countries in protecting the ocean and improving the livelihoods of coastal communities.

Marine conservation efforts

Turtle conservation

Turtle conservation

Diverse marine life inhabits the rich waters of the Arabian Gulf which includes sea turtles. The Hawksbill turtles and Green turtles are two of the species that you might encounter while deep sea diving Dubai. Hawksbill turtles are the only species of sea turtles that lay their eggs in the UAE. Turtles thrive in these waters because they are protected.

Dubai is noted for its excellent turtle conservation efforts. The Dubai Turtle Rehabilitation Project has been rehabilitating rescued sea turtles since 2004. Sick or injured turtles are nursed back to health and returned to their natural habitat. The project also organizes the release of hundreds of baby turtles to the sea to help boost the population of sea turtles.

Regulated fishing practices

Regulated fishing practices

The Federal Law No. (23) protects the UAE’s waters and living aquatic resources. The article protects aquatic wildlife through the declaration of protected zones and regulation of fishing equipment. The law dictates the minimum size of fish that can be caught. The law also prohibits the use of trawling nets or bottom-setting nets and nylon nets. In addition, fishing is banned during reproduction seasons. These measures enable fish stocks to build up again.

Clean-up dives

Clean-up dives

Dive centers, like Nemo Diving Center, organize beach and clean-up dives to help reduce litter that ends up in the ocean and creates a safer environment for underwater life. Activities like these help raise awareness about ocean conservation and provide an opportunity to meet like-minded people. Get in touch with Nemo Diving Center to participate in dive courses, clean-up dives, deep diving Dubai, and other dive trips.

Support marine conservation

Turtle conservation, regulated fishing practices, and clean-up dives are just a few of the marine conservation efforts of the UAE. Wherever you are, support activities and events like these that promote marine conservation to make a positive impact.

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