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List Of The World’s Top 8 Most Beautiful Water Plants

The natural environment can be restored with the aid of swimming pool plants. When it comes to creating your pool’s environment, you have hundreds or thousands of plants to choose from. Some of these aquatic plants will be growing in the water of the pond, while others will be growing above the ground near your water feature. For your pond, you can choose from a variety of aquatic plants, including swamp, marginal, submerged, and floating varieties. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to the eight exotic pond water plants.

Water Hyacinth

The Water Hyacinth, also known by its scientific name of Eichhornia Crassipes, is exactly the color explosion you’ve been missing in your life. Because it is transparent, it stands out clearly when surrounded by other plants and illuminates any space. This water plant has ornamental qualities, but it also can remove harmful metals from the air, such as mercury, cobalt, nickel, and cadmium. As a result, it can serve as an attractive air purifier in your home. It works as a perfect indoor plant online for your drawing room or lobby. 

Water Iris

The water iris is an intriguing and lovely aquatic plant. A sense of magic will be added to your water feature by its long stems and lovely blossoms, which will also cheer up the warm season with their distinctive and vibrant blooms. With lovely purple or blue flowers, they can reach heights of 2 to 3 feet. Iris is suitable for cold locations since they are cold tolerant. They begin to develop in early spring and do best in full sun with moderate shade.

Water Lettuce

Pistia stratiotes, often known as water lettuce, is one of the most well-known aquatic plants, and it may also be found in ponds. Due to its beautiful, lettuce-like growth patterns and easy maintenance, pond owners prefer this free-floating plant. In most contexts, it multiplies very quickly, so be ready to routinely eradicate significant amounts! Its extensive roots help kill water nitrate filters and safeguard juvenile fish and frogs.


Possibly the most well-known ornamental plant in existence is the Lotus plant, also known as the Nelumbo Nucifera. The plant is reported to have several species. It can be used for numerous medical, aesthetic, and even culinary purposes. An important aspect of Asian culture is this water plant. It represents, among other things, virtue, creation, and purity. Its lovely scent can instantly improve the mood in your home and make the atmosphere livelier. You can order plants online to give an aesthetic touch to your space. 

Water Stargrass

The name of this perennial plant comes from the yellow blossoms, which float on the water and fall off in a glossy appearance. Another name for it is “Grass Leaf Mud Plantain.”

This aquatic plant has a thin, many-branched stem from which huge, alternately rising grass-like leaves emerge. Six short petals make up the tiny, thin, and yellow blooms of this plant. The Water Stargrass has a delicate appearance and is a great choice for your room.

Water Lilies

Since water lilies are attractive creatures in water gardens, many gardeners include a pond in their landscaping. These beautiful pond plants are recognized by distinctive flowers that represent all hues of light red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (including collective white) & varied colors. Flowers range in size from two inches in diameter to as much as twelve inches. Their leaves typically float unless they are tightly packed and are more or less spherical, ranging from 2 inches to 6 feet for the enormous Victoria. Perennial water lilies can be divided into two primary categories: tropical and hardy.

Water Cabbage

This water plant is often identified as water lettuce, Nile cabbage, shellflower, Tropical Duckweed & much more. It has many medicinal uses, like decreasing cancer risk & even acts as a remedy for treating mushroom poisoning & eye salves.

It also has some enormous culinary uses like feeding it raw, steaming it, using it for pickles, making the popular Korean kimchi in slaws, & cooking vegetables.

Blue Iris

The water iris, one of the first plants to emerge in the spring, is a beautiful flower that many water gardeners enjoy. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of produced and naturally occurring hybrids of the water iris, which is such a common and distinctive group. Up to 4 feet high, blue flag iris can grow! Blue Flag’s large flowers, which range in color from light blue to purple and are stunning, are a favorite among wetland lovers.


Gardening is now simple and low maintenance thanks to water plants. They are the easiest and most reliable approach to adding visual appeal to your surroundings. When you learn that some of them also function as air filters and have some medicinal qualities, it becomes even more useful. Purchase these aquatic plants for your garden online.

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