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Is Invisalign Worn at Night?

If you follow the 20 to 22-hour rule of wearing Invisalign, it includes day and night-time wearing. And most importantly, you must put on your trays at night.

In the case of braces, wearing time is all day long because they are permanently fixed. The joy of Invisalign is its removability – you can eat and drink your faves. And if you need to clean your teeth, take pictures of yourself, why not? This is why the 2 free hours Invisalign treatment offers is dear to most patients.

With Invisalign comes comfort as it is a good fit for your teeth. Over the years, wearing Invisalign during sleep has not been problematic.

If I remove my Invisalign at night, what happens?

Before you do this, first think of why you opted for Invisalign, and you will see there’s no point in taking out your trays at night. But should you take them out, you will be qualifying for a relapse (your teeth will become crooked again). This is because the presence of the aligner trays in your mouth puts steady pressure on your teeth to move them, so when you take them out, your teeth won’t move as planned. Again, you are prolonging the period you are supposed to wear the aligners. Consequently, your result won’t come on time.

Invisalign comes in series – you get multiple sets of aligners periodically – every 2 weeks, and they will move your teeth gradually. Each aligner set continues from where the previous stopped to shift the teeth. And because the procedure is not rushed, Invisalign brings ease. When used with the most recent orthodontic tech, your teeth can be moved at a more incredible pace even as you switch aligners.

Please note that whether it is braces or Invisalign you are using, you will wear retainers to keep your smile forever after completion. Naturally, one might get discouraged with this discovery, but most people are motivated to go through with all these treatments when they envisage how beautiful their smile will be at the end of the day. Invisalign does it better when transforming crooked smiles because it is a flexible and convenient treatment for both old and young people.

Will it take commitment to wear aligners?

Many people are disciplined enough to keep their aligners on for the number of hours prescribed. They do this effortlessly. With this kind of dedication, they can achieve optimal results between one year to a year and a half. The bottom line is what kind of alignment your teeth requires: mild, moderate or severe, and your smile objective. Based on this, treatment may be done speedily or slowed down as the case may be.

But not everyone may have that energy to just get on with Invisalign treatment without any hiccup – people may be faced with the temptation of removing their aligners. By doing so, they could add to the overall time the treatment should be completed. Having known this, what we do before beginning any treatment is discuss all available treatment options. You don’t need to get Invisalign, especially if discipline would be a challenge. Besides, there are dental cases that may be effectively corrected with braces. Again, braces are a non-temporary treatment that would discourage any wearer from removing them until the end of the treatment.

When you think of straightening your smile, you have options, including Invisalign and braces, so consider which one will be more effective for your dental condition. Fortunately, the braces we have these days are less noticeable than the options we had years ago, and their efficacy is astonishingly better, and the rate at which they function is quicker. Even the cost of Invisalign is about the same as braces. Please discuss your treatment with your orthodontist and ask questions to make you aware of what you’re going in for. It won’t go down well to start treatment and not complete it or experience lapses along the way simply because you never understood what it was all about. Be guided accordingly.

What treatment will do?

It takes a professional orthodontist to evaluate your smile condition and offer an expert solution to best treat your smile. From their analysis, they can determine if it’s braces you need or Invisalign. Occasionally, you may be asked to go for braces, particularly when the correction to be made is profound. Braces are best for severely crooked smile correction.

With all that has been happening recently and how technology has grown, you can stay at home or your office and learn about your options. This can be done virtually. At Adult Braces London, we offer virtual consultation, which enables all our patients to speak with specialist doctors about their smiles and get a solution.

The procedure is quite simple. Take snapshots of your smile – it may be a selfie, or someone can take the picture for you if you like. Send it to us, and our certified, experienced orthodontist with certification in providing Invisalign will assess it. Bear in mind that this smile evaluation is free of charge. You will get your result soon and ask your questions as much as you want. Our orthodontist will be happy to speak with you.

Find out if you will be needing braces or Invisalign, the duration of the treatment, and if financing options are available. Like we said, all your questions will be answered by our Invisalign providers, after which you can come to our clinic for treatment at a time that you have decided to get treated.

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