Increase Packing Strength with an Edge Crush Resistance Tester

If you work in the packaging sector, you are aware of how crucial it is to guarantee the standard of the materials used in packaging. You must make sure that your goods arrive at their location undamaged as a company that depends on shipping and handling. That is why it’s so important that your packing is sturdy.  The edge impact resistance (ECR) tester is significant in this situation. The strength of your packing materials can be evaluated using an edge crush resistance tester, for example.

This tool can help you find any flaws in your packing design by measuring the corrugated cardboard’s capacity to withstand pressure on its edges. The corrugated boxes, which are frequently used in the packaging business, are measured for strength using the ECR tester. The purpose of this blog is to clarify the significance of the edge crush resistance tester and how it helps to preserve the calibre of packing materials.

The Operation of an Edge Impact Resistance Tester:

A corrugated cardboard sample’s edge is pressed against with the help of an edge crush resistance tester until it breaks. The amount of energy needed to crush the sample, expressed in pounds per square inch (psi), can be used to gauge the material’s strength. You can improve your packing design by running the test on both single-wall and double-wall corrugated cardboard.

Advantages of Edge Crush Durability Testing

Purchasing an edge impact resistance tester will have a number of advantages for your company. To start with, you can make sure that your packaging is sturdy enough to safeguard your goods during handling and shipping. By doing so, you can lower damages, returns, and customer complaints while also improving total productivity and profitability. Additionally, you can reduce your carbon impact and aid in the transition to a more sustainable future by optimising your packaging design.

What Edge Impact Resistance Tester Is Best for Your Needs?

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing an edge impact resistance tester. These consist of the power that the device is capable of applying, the measurement’s precision and repeatability, the size and type of the test samples, and the software features offered. It’s crucial to pick a machine that meets your requirements, your money, and your testing standards and regulations.

Benefits of Edge Crush Resistance Tester:

  1. Ensures Quality Control: By measuring the strength of corrugated boxes, the edge crush resistance tester (ECR tester) helps guarantee the quality of packaging materials. This lowers the possibility of harm to the contents by ensuring that the boxes can endure the rigours of shipping and handling.
  2. Assists in Finding Weak Spots: By assisting in finding weak areas in corrugated boxes, the ECR tester enables manufacturers to take corrective action. This guarantees that the boxes are sturdy enough to safeguard the goods inside during delivery and storing.
  3. Increases Customer Satisfaction: By ensuring that the products arrive at their location in good condition, stronger packaging materials increase customer happiness. Additionally, this lessens the possibility of product refunds, which can be costly and time-consuming.
  4. Lowers Shipping Costs: Using more durable packaging materials can lower the likelihood of product damage during transportation, necessitating less packaging or product replacement. For businesses, this can help lower shipping expenses.

The Function of the Edge Crush Resistance Analyzer

The ECR tester assesses the corrugated boxes’ resistance to crushing under a specific weight. The box will be compressed during the test until it breaks. The ECR number represents the force needed to collapse the box for each unit of box width.

The strength of the box is indicated by the ECR value, and a larger value denotes a stronger box. The test is carried out in a controlled setting, and the outcomes are evaluated against industry norms.


An edge crush resistance tester is a worthwhile investment for any company that wants to guarantee the durability and calibre of its packing materials. It contributes to ensuring that the corrugated boxes used in the packaging sector are sturdy enough to safeguard the contents during storage and transit. You can find any flaws in corrugated cardboard and improve your packaging design by trying how well it can withstand pressure on its edges.

Make sure to take into account the important factors and speak with professionals in the field to choose the equipment that will best suit your requirements. You can create a more durable and long-lasting company with solid and dependable packaging. The ECR tester also aids in lowering the possibility that goods will be harmed while in transit, improving customer happiness and lowering shipping costs for businesses. Therefore, businesses that value the quality of their packaging materials would be smart to invest in an ECR tester.

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