How to Draw A Lily Easily

How to Draw A Lily. From early summer to fall, lilies are one of the most anticipated flowers to bloom. Did you know that each type of lily symbolizes different meanings?

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For example, pink lilies represent femininity and admiration, while orange lilies embody confidence and energy.

The breathtaking beauty and extreme popularity of lily flowers have made this subject a sought-after drawing tutorial.

That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a lily, summarized in 9 quick and easy steps.

To make this method much more comfortable, each guide includes an illustration to serve as a visual guide as you go through each step.

All you require is a pen and paper, and you’re ready to draw a beautiful lily flower!

How to Draw A Lily

Step 1

Start by drawing an irregular standing oval shape with a slightly pointed bottom.

This forms the first petal of the lily flower.

Step 2

Draw a curved shape on the left side of the first petal we drew in the previous step. This forms the second petal of the lily.

Remember that the tip of this petal should touch the first petal we drew in the previous step.

Step 3

Repeat the previous step on the opposite side to shape the third lily petal. Although this petal should be the same shape as the previous one, don’t worry if they look identical.

As long as it follows the same structure, there shouldn’t be any problems.

At this point, the three petals of the lily should now be complete.

Step 4

Draw another petal right next to the one on the left.

This forms the fourth petal of the lily flower.

Step 5

Repeat the previous step on the opposite side to form the fifth petal.

While this petal and the previous one should have a similar structure, they don’t have to look completely identical.

Step 6

Draw a curve on the remaining space in the centre of the back of the flower. This forms the sixth and final petal of the lily flower.

As you can see, all six lily petals are now complete.

Step 7

Continue with the other parts of the lily, drawing two slightly curved parallel lines under the petals. This forms the long, thin stem of the lily flower.

Next, draw an irregular oval shape wide in the middle and tapered to either end on each side of the stem. This creates the leaves on the left and right sides of the stem.

Step 8

Draw a thin line at the top of each petal and leaf.

This will add texture to your flower and make it look more realistic!

Step 9

Draw five lines with rounded tips down the centre of the panels. This forms the stamen, the male structure of a lily flower. Don’t forget to add a jet black tint to the stamen!

That’s it – you’ve successfully drawn a lily! We are finally in the most exciting phase, choosing the colour and colouring the lily.

Lily flowers come in various vibrant colours, including but not limited to white, yellow, pink, red, and orange. There are also some multicoloured lilies with more than one colour.

You can colour the lily in its original colours or opt for a unique colour set. We recommend the latter so you can customize the colours of your artwork and get the most out of your experience.

However you decide to colour the lily, we’re sure the colours will look wonderful! Have fun playing with colours and see the lily finally come to life!

Your Lily Drawing is Finished!

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