How to Create Professional Plastic Business Cards for Your Business?

1. Use a Photograph

Business cards are always going to be a necessity for promoting a business. In case you do not have a card to hand out to your potential clients, you are only missing out on a marketing opportunity. Successful business cards can be difficult to create. So, you need to know the right tips to create the best business cards.

Let’s take a look at these tips to create the best plastic business cards.

  1. Use a Photograph

If you have a one-to-one meeting, your professional business card might be remembered only for a short time after you hand it over. Nevertheless, as days pass by, the individual you have handed the card to is much less likely to recall you or your business unless there is a personal written on the card to prompt their memory.

Adding a photo to the business card will increase the value of the card but will also make it easier for the individual to link you or your business to the card.

  1. Less is Better

It is not important to add the whole resume to your business card. The design of the business card just has to be like an elevator pitch. You only have a few seconds to sell yourself or your business. An efficacious plastic business card printing will have relevant details important for customers to know who you are, how to contact you, or what you are about. Keep it simple with enough space and it will be easier for your customers to read it at glance.

  1. Make It Easy to Read

Unless you are an artist and expect to use your business card for showing off some skills, make sure you keep it legible. Avoid using fancy font and use a larger size so that it can be read easily. Don’t try reducing the font size for fitting more words into the card. Surely, you do not want your recipients to get distracted from the main information they should know or just discard the business card because they were unable to read it. Your recipients should be able to read the information on the business card at a quick glance.

  1. Choose the Right Shape

Another way to make your business card stand out is to use a unique shape. Generally, business cards are rectangular in shape. You can just round the corners or cut out shapes in the center of the card to make it different than others. Another way to change the shape of square business cards is to base them on a product the company sells. A business card that isn’t a simple rectangle can stand out better.

  1. Include Important Details

The business card can be used for telling your target audience about the position of your business, your brand, and how to get in touch with you. Nevertheless, when you are designing for square business card printing, you should also consider what not to tell your target audience. Share only important details and the rest you can share over the internet.

  1. Select an Excellent Finish

There are many great design options for business cards, which can make them stand out. These are-

  • Use the card as a reminder
  • Print on both sides of the card
  • Apply foil or emboss
  • Add rounded corners

Experts recommend that you stick to the most common business card size. It ensures that the business card fits into the standard holder. Make sure that you match the additional card embellishment choices to the industry.

  1. Make It Useful

You will see paper everywhere. Often, people throw away or lose loose craps they have in their pockets and wallets. To make sure that your business card is not thrown in the recycling, ensure that your card works more than just a simple card. A few examples of such business cards are hair clip holders.

  1. Print Enough

You need to make sure you are printing enough business cards so that you do not run out. It is important to have enough business cards on hand. Surely, you do want to be left out without a business card after you meet an important networking partner or target customer. But you should also make sure that you are not printing too many cards as then you risk them becoming irrelevant or outdated.

  1. Avoid Common Mistakes

You have to be careful in terms of the border. It can make or break business cards. The card should have a 3-5mm bleed. Also, you want to stay away from a straightforward border around the card. It can show misalignments very easily in the trim if the card isn’t perfectly cut out.

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