What is DDoS and How Netherlands Dedicated Hosting is Protected from it?


You would have likely heard about cyberattacks quite often in the online world. For this reason, securing both your website and web hosting platform is essential if you want to enjoy optimum performance. A dedicated server is the safest idea for your business website. Although, given the rise of DDoS attacks, you should take precautions to protect your sensitive data. Your server needs to get secured from hackers who want to use it for illegal activities, infect it with malware and ransomware, or both.

Therefore, to protect the server from DDoS attacks and malware, Netherlands Dedicated Hosting Plans include high-end security features. To make your website fundamentally secure, this post will showcase a few of the elements verifying how a dedicated server is secure from DDoS attacks.

What Are DDoS and Its Types?

The majority of websites have become deeply concerned about DDoS attacks in recent times. The public image of your business as well as your website could both be seriously harmed by this kind of attack. It is common practice to use a distributed denial of service attack on purpose to drive a lot of traffic to a single website. To make it difficult to handle or manage the traffic on your website, it gets intended to overload the servers supporting it with a large volume of traffic.

This form of attack could cause a website to abruptly crash or go offline. It can also corrupt your website’s content to steal or exploit it, which will make it harder for the website to provide appropriate answers to user requests.

Types of DDoS Attacks 

There are typically three types of DDoS attacks that can get carried out to harm your website and diminish your reputation as a trustworthy business. According to the impact and intensity of the attack, each kind of attack can cause a particular kind of damage. The goal of this attack could differ in terms of objectives, but the motivation behind it is always the same: to interfere with the operation of your web server.

1. App-based Attacks

A DDoS attack gets referred to as application-based DDoS when it aims to target and overwhelm the apps installed on a Netherlands Dedicated Hosting with constant requests at once. In this situation, the requests get sent to the server as user-driven requests, commonly to manage undependable and insecure server apps. To categorize these attacks, you should look for instances like HTTP floods, GET, POST, and low- and slow-speed attacks.

2. Attacks Based on Volume

DDoS attacks that target the amount of bandwidth allotted to your dedicated server get referred to as volume-based DDoS. By overloading your server’s bandwidth with malicious packets, these attacks can get carried out. If a web hosting plan doesn’t include unlimited bandwidth, this could cause significant harm. While using more bandwidth on your behalf, could use up your remaining bandwidth portions and cost you a lot in fines. It could also completely disable your server, so your Netherlands Dedicated Hosting plan should include enough amount of bandwidth. Search for UDP and ICMP floods to further evaluate this form of attack.

3. Attacks Based on Protocols

Protocol-based DDoS is a term that can get used to describe DDoS attacks that approach the communication channels of your dedicated server in Netherlands. There are several examples you should be aware of to validate these attacks, including SYN floods, Smurf DDoS, ping of death, and many others. The main goal of this kind of attack is to use up all the other server resources that get required, which could cause your website to abruptly crash or go offline.

What Are DDoS-Protected Netherlands Dedicated Servers?

Hardware and software are arranged on a Netherlands Dedicated Hosting Server to recognize and minimize DDoS attacks. Your website or web service will get guarded by a DDoS-protected server from malicious DDoS attacks that could bring it down and cost you money. They are most beneficial for online stores that are vulnerable to DDoS attacks. So, when you buy a DDoS-protected dedicated server then it means your server is fully protected from every type of virus attack or malware.

Hostbillo- Best DDoS Protected Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in Netherlands

Hostbillo- Best DDoS Protected Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in Netherlands

A trusted and reliable provider is your best option when it comes to guarding your website. Because so many online attacks now threaten your business’s daily operations, a DDoS protection service is now essential. When it comes to protecting your website from DDoS attacks or viruses, Hostbillo is a credible Web Hosting Provider in Netherlands that offers the best security measures with the hosting plan. The company provides superior services for customers in a variety of industries and is well known for its top-notch services and safety.

For example, if you select Hostbillo as your provider, you will immediately gain total root control of the entire server. This benefit allowed you to design, set up, modify, and change the server’s setup to suit your needs.

Benefits of Hostbillo’s DDoS Protected Dedicated Server Palns in Netherlands

With top-notch services and the safest networks, a Netherlands Dedicated Server Hosting from Hostbillo offers several advantages that increase the functionality of your website to a new level, including:

You Are Free to Select the OS of Your Choice.

With Hostbiilo’s Netherlands Dedicated Hosting, you have the option of choosing the operating system for both your website and the entire server, which is a huge benefit. The two most popular choices are Linux and Windows, and this company also offers appropriate control panels that are user-friendly and efficient.

Dependable Access to the Internet For Your Website.

A quick and dependable internet connection get included with the dedicated server plan from Hostbiilo in Netherlands, which helps you get quick page loads. Additionally, they guarantee backup power and advanced connections that can safely transfer data to their client.

Easy-to-use Control Panel

Any buyer of a Netherlands Dedicated Hosting should make sure that their web hosting environment has simple-to-use control panels. You can get useful control panels like Plesk, WHM, and Cpanel with a dedicated server from Hostbillo in the Netherlands.

Database and Programming Tasks

A dedicated server from Hostbillo provides full control over personal emails, extra storage, and first-rate bandwidth features with its Netherlands plans. It also provides simple access to a database. This means that all of your online activities will get carried out perfectly and under strict control.


There is no reason to ignore DDoS attacks’ existence or the impact they have on the features of your dedicated server and website. We should deal with them head-on. The purpose of this article was to highlight the importance of DDoS attacks, their different types, and how you could protect your Netherlands-based website by using a dedicated server effectively.

As the best option for your current needs, we advised you to take a look at Hostbillo’s Netherlands Dedicated Server Hosting. In addition to safeguarding your website and online systems, the company sets itself apart from the competition by providing excellent hosting plans at reasonable rates.

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