How Important Is French Proficiency For The Quebec Immigration Program?

Quebec is Canada’s only famous province with French as its official language. Therefore, if you are applying for any Quebec immigration program, taking the French proficiency test is mandatory for specific programs. It is also one of the ten factors in the selection system where points are awarded. 

This article discusses why it’s crucial to be proficient in French before you apply.

Immigration Program Streams that Emphasize French Proficiency

– Québec Skilled Worker Program (QSW)

Like the PNP Saskatchewan Canada, this program doesn’t require you to be mandatorily proficient in French. However, having prior knowledge of French gives you a higher chance of being selected as you get awarded additional valuable points.

– Québec Experience Program (PEQ)

This program permits graduates of specific academic programs in Québec to apply for permanent living. It also includes temporary foreign workers who wish to apply for permanent residence. However, an advanced or intermediate level of French proficiency is required to get selected.

Why is French Proficiency required in Quebec Immigration Programs?

Ideally, the immigration criteria for Quebec are different from those used by the Canadian Government. For example, your French caliber is checked before entry to live and work in the province, amongst the other documents in the submission process. A few reasons behind this are:

  • Quebec takes great pride in its French culture and language, and most of the population speaks fluent French. In addition, most of the street signs are penned only in French. Therefore, a little French knowledge is a considerable asset to have better participation in the province. However, the motive of the region is to familiarize you with its values through immigration programs. 
  • The entire immigration program works on a point-based system similar to PNP Saskatchewan Canada. And as mentioned earlier, having French skills boosts your chances of qualifying by up to 22 points, creating a competitive edge over other candidates. 
  • Besides the immigration programs, Quebec also offers business and investment opportunities for prospective investors wishing to start or invest in a business in the region. However, these programs are currently inactive, and in their active status, they had no eligibility criteria except a certain degree of French proficiency. 
  • The increased number of candidates wishing to become permanent residents is another reason for implementing the French proficiency criteria in the programs. Also, it efficiently caters to the needs of the labor market, facilitating better social and economic integration. 

Interestingly, if you are an immigrant seeking to upgrade your French proficiency in Quebec, there are various course options available. The courses offered are free and might make you eligible for financial assistance. 


As a result of the implementation of French proficiency into its province, most of the Quebec immigration programs have strived to pick “talented professionals” amongst the massive number of immigrants moving there. And these French-speaking economic immigrants are selected though they have not reached the federal Government’s expected degree of immigration governance. So, being fluent in French can give you an upper hand under certain programs if you wish to move to Quebec anytime soon.

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