Get rid of old and outdated Vape Box packaging with these 6 tips

Vaping is an activity that is becoming popular. There are also many companies now selling vape products. If you are one of these and are noticing that sales are not increasing despite you having a good product, this may be due to the old and outdated vape boxes that you have. It is necessary that you focus on designing the packaging well as it plays a huge role in attracting people towards a product in a store. It can even give an impression to shoppers of what you are selling.

Below are 6 tips on how to get rid of outdated custom vape boxes:

  • Choose another packaging material

If you see that your packaging is breaking or is not protecting your product effectively, it may be time that you think about making the box with some other packaging materials. There are many in the industry and you must select the one best for the vape product that will be inside the box. 

Some packaging materials you can choose for vape packaging boxes that will help give you a strong box will be cardboard, corrugated cardboard, or Kraft. These boxes can protect the vape product and show shoppers that you care about quality. 

  • Change the size of the box

You may be getting really huge or really small boxes to package the vape item in. Get rid of these so that you stop wasting money. A huge box will cause you to have to pay more for it because of the extra packaging material. Customers will even see that you waste packaging material. The product can move inside a box like this. 

On the other hand avoid really small boxes which may break or may be tough to open. 

Measure the vape product allowing you to get the correct size custom printed vape boxes which will secure the product.

  • Design according to what draws consumer base

If your vape boxes are not attracting the consumer base, you may be designing them without knowing what draws the eyes of these people. You need to do some research so that you can know what will attract these individuals and design the packaging according to this. 

For example for vape products, the consumer base may mostly be adults, therefore the packaging should be able to attract them. In fact the vape product should stay away from kids so do not make the box in a way that kids think the product is for them. If you can allure the people who will most likely purchase the vape product, this can result in an increase in sales. 

  • Make packaging increase brand awareness

If your packaging does not help in letting people know about your company, you need to include a brand logo on your boxes. It is important to use custom vape boxes to help increase brand awareness. This will let people know that your brand sells vape products and it is one present in the market.

You can even include the contact information of your vape business on the box. This will help people know how to reach you. You may add the phone number, physical address, email address, etc. of your brand on the box. 

  • Consider what colors and images you use

Old and outdated vape packaging boxes may not be attracting shoppers because you are not using good and appropriate colors on the box. You must reconsider this and research on color psychology. This will let you know which colors are important and which to include on the box according to the message you want to give to your customers. 

For example a brand wanting to show that it is an expensive one can include black on the packaging. Black signifies class, expense, etc. 

The colors you choose can help make your packaging look more attractive therefore choose the right ones. 

The images must not confuse people and should relate to the vape product. Also try and not add too many.

  • Reconsider what type of box you choose

There are different types of boxes you can choose like window boxes, gable boxes, pillow boxes, sleeve packaging, etc. You can reconsider the type of box you use if it is not helping in increasing sales. 

Window custom printed vape boxes can be a good choice. If people are not buying the vape product because they cannot see it and so do not have confidence in getting it, these window boxes can be helpful. They have a transparent window that lets the customer see the vape product you are selling. 

When vape boxes are old and updated, they can be causing a loss for your business. This is why you need to reconsider how you design them and make them in a way that will give a good impression of your company to people.

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