8 Must-Have Features When Choosing a Webinar Software

Businesses were compelled to use the Internet for webinars, staff training, and video conferences last year. It has evolved into a need, which has probably permanently altered the market. Webinars give customers the much-needed flexibility that they now demand. Without the use of an online webinar platform, none of these events are possible. It is what handles your technological backdrop and gives your audience the best possible experience. It seems sensible that you would seek out the webinar software option that best suits your requirements.

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The use of webinar software facilitates the creation of customized presentations that are in line with corporate goals. This increases audience involvement and makes a webinar significantly more interactive. Software tools for webinars are comparable to web conferencing and audio conferencing programs. The main objective is to link numerous viewers with a single authority. To organize a successful webinar, online webinar service providers offer a variety of features and tools. The following characteristics are a must-have if you’re seeking webinar software.

Essential features of the webinar platform

Easy access

Web and desktop programs make up the two categories of webinar software. Although both have advantages and disadvantages, attendees generally find operating within a browser to be considerably more pleasant. Additionally, users won’t need to download any extra plugins or software for their device in order to participate in events or webinars; all they need to do is click the link and they’re in. Some vendors additionally let you utilize their tool on any device as LiveWebinar does. As a result, the host and guests can engage from any location using Smart TVs, tablets, or smartphones. It’s a versatile and practical choice for everyone.

Session recording

You are certainly aware of the advantages that on-demand webinars can provide for companies. Long after your online live event has ended, it’s a fantastic approach to continue generating leads. Find out first if the webinar software you’ve chosen has the capability for recording webinars, how it works, and how many hours it can record for.

The best Webinar platform ought to include a simple recorder and enough storage for recordings. Additionally, you should be able to modify recordings to suit your needs. Frame rate, layout, quality, and a download option may all be useful. You might also find the ability to create links for direct sharing to be useful.

Collaboration features

Although collaboration tools formerly appeared to be extras, they are now necessary. People want to engage with the speaker, not just passively listen to them. Therefore, you ought to offer a simulation that is as near to a real one as you can. What characteristics should you seek out? The most fundamental ones, like chat, initially make communication between players simpler. Then, search the area for some that are more sophisticated, such as breakout rooms that let you divide the main conference space into smaller ones.

Webinar service providers provide elements like polls and surveys to boost audience participation and collect feedback at the same time. It’s also the right moment to concentrate on things that you absolutely require. For example, perhaps you can’t picture working without whiteboarding or screen sharing. It would be wise to do some thorough research at this stage to ensure that nothing comes as a surprise later.

Email notification

In addition to handling post-presentation preparations, your webinar software should automate as much of your presentation as feasible. It should enable you to automatically send registrants reminder emails that include all the important details of your presentation. Users may always check their email and feel assured about any future steps they want to take relating to the knowledge delivered during the presentation. This is more like an after-sales service.

Analytics and Reporting

One of the key components you need to effectively engage your audience is this. You will gain insightful knowledge about your presentation, which will help you be ready for subsequent presentations. You will be prompted with information regarding attendance, Q&A, polling, etc. For a better understanding of the scenario, it will generate reports and display them on a dashboard.


The last and most crucial element for the chosen webinar software to become a part of your company’s existing toolkit is integration. Live webinar service providers will support a variety of external solutions that are simple to connect to your system. For instance, webinar software can be used in conjunction with CRMs and marketing automation tools as well as chat platforms like Slack.

Technical support

If something goes wrong, what then? The support group steps in at that point. They play a crucial role in making ensuring that your webinar or online event runs without a hitch. Make sure the provider will solve any bugs if they offer to send someone to fix them. Make sure it’s not a chatbot or email support because you might need assistance around-the-clock.


Your webinar shouldn’t be accessible to anyone without your consent. The provider’s first priority is to make sure safety. Look into the security and protection measures used during meetings. Does the program, for instance, offer features like single sign-on and double encryption? Seek assurance that you can host your webinars in a secure setting. Finally, you can read more reviews about tech solutions for business and software on or to manage and grow your business. 

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