Dust & Neon: 6 Tips For New Players

Dust & Neon may be hard for people who have never played a roguelike game before. These tips for new players will help them get used to the game.

Dust & Neon is the most recent indie roguelike game to come out for PC and Switch. It does have some unique qualities, like the fact that it’s a Western at heart, which isn’t very common. The story is about a dead cowboy who comes back to life and turns into a cyborg to help destroy all robots on Earth.

At least in Dust & Neon, that’s what Dr. Finkel wants. The player character also gets help from NPCs like ROB.OT, an AI friend. This latest roguelike is all about the gameplay, so let’s go over some quick tips before we get into the story. the Lahore mart

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