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Dry Fruits That Can Help With Male Impotence

The vitamins, minerals, as well as good fats, found in dry fruits, are plentiful. Dry fruits are great for increasing sexual power and libido.

These foods are rich in arginine which is a protein that relaxes blood vessels. This could help increase erection quality, particularly in men with erectile disorder.


Pistachios are a great source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamin C, and many antioxidants. 

These nuts have been shown to increase erectile function, cholesterol levels, and erection difficulty in men who consume them every day for three weeks Fildena 100 mg. Researchers believe that the nitric dioxide produced by arginine, an amino acid found in these nuts may help relax blood vessels and improve cardiovascular function.

Pistachios’ antioxidants could also reduce free radicals. These are harmful molecules that can cause aging and other chronic diseases. They also contain a lot of manganese and copper.

Pistachios are best when included in a healthy diet. Too many pistachios can cause stomach cramps, intestinal pain, or bloating.


Figs are delicious, nutritious fruit. They are high in iron, calcium, and zinc. They are also high in antioxidants, phytochemicals, and other nutrients.

These amino acids promote healthy sperm counts. They can increase libido, and give energy for sexual performance. You can also take Vidalista 40.

These fruits can also be very helpful for men suffering from premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. These fruits can be eaten raw or soaked in liquid.

In antiquity, figs were believed to cure many diseases. They could also be used to ease back pain and treat stomach problems.

It is crucial to select the correct fig. Avoid figs with a milky stem or that is too shrunken.


Walnuts are a great addition to any diet because of their many health benefits. Additionally, they contain melatonin which can help you fall asleep at night. They are also high in fat, so they should be consumed in moderation.

Recent research found that men who consumed 60g of nuts per day for four weeks had an improvement in their sexual function and quality of orgasm. Nut consumption may increase levels of nitric dioxide (NO) or E-selecting which can lead to vasodilatation and blood flow in the penis.


Raisins are rich in arginine which is a nutrient that aids in increasing the body’s sperm count. You can also find essential vitamins and minerals in raisins that will help you maintain your sexual health.

Regular consumption of raisins can help boost your immunity system and prevent cancer. These fruits are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients that can improve your overall health and fight off free radicals.

They are also rich in potassium, magnesium, and other nutrients that can lower blood pressure and help keep your heart healthy. They are also rich in Vitamin A, iron, and selenium.

You can increase your penile gland sensitivity by using raisins in your daily routine. This can result in faster erections. They can also increase your libido, which can make you more sexually active.

Raisins’ phenolic compounds, including trans-cafeteria and coumaric acids, are known for their antioxidant properties. They have anti-inflammatory properties. Numerous studies have demonstrated that these compounds inhibit the release of IL-8, a cytokine that plays a part in gastric inflammation.


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