Best Travel Loans in India to Satiate Your Wanderlust

If you are a salaried professional, your wanderlust cravings will no longer be just a dream. Many financial institutions and NBFCs provide travel loans in India to working professionals on easy terms. All you need is to fulfil the specific criteria and requirements of the loan provider, and there you go. So, what are you waiting for?

Travel Loans in India are actually Personal Loans that you take from NBFCs like Clix Capital to cover your travel expenses. The loan comes with fixed tenure to pay back the NBFC. However, you should only take a Personal Loan if you have the financial capacity to repay it without burdening your budget. With a travel loan, you are free to choose to travel abroad or within your own country’s terrain.

Best Travel Loans in India

You can take a recess from your hectic working schedule and travel to places you have always dreamt of. Here is a list of top travel loan providers in India.

Clix Capital 

You can satisfy your desire to travel and explore different places, cultures, and cuisines with Clix Capital’s personal loans for travel that can provide you instant funding of up to INR 10 lakhs to manage your entire trip expenses, such as ticket bookings, hotel accommodation, food, transportation, and much more.

Key Points to Consider:

  • Minimum and maximum ages: 21 to 58 years old.
  • For a salaried employee who has been with the company for at least 6 months and has a total experience of at least 12 months, with a monthly salary of INR 20,000.
  • Flexible repayment terms, ranging from 12 to 48 months, giving you ample time to pay.

Also, there is no need to go to a lending institution’s office to obtain a travel loan. At Clix Capital, everything is just a click away. The application process is completely online. Just fill out the form on their website, provide personal and professional details, and get faster approvals backed by quicker disbursals in your account within minutes. 

State Bank of India 

State Bank of India provides loans to fund your travel expenses. Salaried or self-employed working professionals can use it. This personal loan is easy to access and quick. 

Key points to consider

  • SBI provides its customers with the best readily available Personal Loans with a nominal processing charge.
  • Working professionals in the private sector above 21 and below 60 are eligible for the loan, with two years of minimum service experience. 
  • Salaried and self-employed professionals can avail of a minimum of 24,000 travel loan. They can avail 2.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs in some exceptional cases.
  • The loan tenure is up to 48 months.
  • No security is required apart from minimum documents. For salaried, it’s important to show the latest salary slip, and self-employed should provide IT returns from the past two financial years. 
  • The loan comes at an interest rate of 17% p.a. 

Punjab National Bank

Travel anywhere, anytime with a Punjab National Bank travel loan. Get an instant Personal Loan from one of India’s leading banks. It’s affordable for professional people and comes with an attractive interest rate.

Key points to consider

  • Any self-employed person aged 21 to 58 years old and salaried professionals between ages 21 to 65 are eligible to access the travel loan.
  • A self-employed person should have a minimum of 20k income, and an employed professional must earn a minimum of 15k to receive it. A minimum of 2 years of working experience is required. 
  • You can avail of a loan of 50k to 5 lakhs with an interest rate of up to 15.60% p.a.
  • The processing fee for the exact amounts is up to 1.80%, with a tenure of 60 months.
  • Documentation requirement for a salaried professional includes the latest salary slip and form 16. 

Central Bank of India

Aim for the Central Bank of India Loan to arrange your tickets, hotel bookings, travel, and food expenses. They can offer a 10 Lakhs loan with quite a low-interest rate. 

Key points to consider

  • With the Central Bank of India, you can avail Personal Loans of up to 10 lakhs with a tenure of up to 48 months. 
  • The loan comes with a processing fee, including the service tax, at an attractive interest rate.
  • The applicants must provide the last three months’ salary slips and account details. 

Union Bank of India

Union Bank of India is another leading public sector bank offering affordable and suitable travel funding to self-employed and salaried professionals. 

Key points to consider

  • Union Bank of India provides Personal Loans for Travel with a low rate of interest backed by a processing fee, including GST.
  • Get instant personal loans from 50k to 15 lakhs with a tenure of up to 60 months.
  • The eligibility age for this loan is 18 to 59 years for salaried, and non-salaried are eligible from 25 to 75 years. 
  • The applicant should provide salary slips or bank details, identity proof, and address proof for evidence to avail of the loan.


There’s no need to give up on your travel bucket list. Just apply for instant personal loan for Travelling to your dream location is possible with numerous options for Travel Loans in India. All you need is to fulfil some essential criteria, and you are already good to go. So, time to travel the world.

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