Bay Area Kitchen Design – Latest Trends in 2023

An ideal kitchen needs to be functional where you can easily access the kitchen appliances and other kitchen essentials. The cabinets, the range, and the shelves should be at the right height so that you can reach out to the places and work with them conveniently.

So, you should contact a professional kitchen remodeler to include things in your kitchen that are in trend.

If you are looking for the best kitchen design Bay Area, then you should contact Done Right Home Remodeling. Now, let us understand the kitchen design trends for 2023 that you can add to your home.

Bold Colors

Install bold wall papers in your kitchen area to spice up your space. You can add an accent wall or a vibrant backsplash to add that elegance to your kitchen area.

If you are confused about how to add colors to your kitchen then take the help of our experts to understand the trendy colors for your kitchen area.

Materials made up of glass:

Glass materials and equipment are in trend these days. You can add glass dining wear, glass dining tables, and accessories to make your kitchen to make it look elegant and modern. This way, you can contribute to the environment by eliminating the usage of plastic as much as possible.

Go with farmhouse sinks

Farmhouse sinks have gained popularity over time. Most house owners love to add apron-front farmhouse sinks in their kitchen to give it a modern touch. This type of sink can give a traditional yet modern look to your kitchen space.

These sinks are well designed to avoid water splashing while you work in that space. Moreover, these types of sinks can hold more utensils, pots, and cookware because of their wide structure. You can choose marble-style sinks to give an enhanced look to your kitchen.

Universal subway tiles are in trend

If you want to add a universal look to your kitchen then you can go with subway tiles. They can fit most kitchen designs and are hence universal in nature.

These have become popular among house owners because of a few reasons such as they are not so expensive, they look better than other types of tiles, and they can go with any design and kitchen style.

Moreover, you can place and design them in interesting ways.

Trendy kitchen cabinets and countertops

Kitchen cabinets and countertops should be replaced or upgraded timely so that you can store your daily essentials in them. You should add functional shelves in the cabinets so that you can store kitchenware and serving ware separately.

This will prevent you to mix up kitchen essentials thereby saving a lot of time and energy.

You can go with marble or stone countertops that will add a character to your kitchen. However, purchase all the material at a time as you might not find the exact design later.

Add Greenery

Adding green plants and placing them artistically can improve the aesthetic value of your kitchen. You can contact our expert kitchen remodelers if you want to increase the value of your home by incorporating a few trendy kitchen remodeling ideas into your home.

Adding green plants will also purify the air of your kitchen area and keep it toxic-free all the time.


If you want to build a modern kitchen then you need to focus on the appliances, kitchen tiles, cabinets, and other kitchen items. Upgrade all the major kitchen items so that you can choose trendy designs. This will help add an amazing look to your space.

If you are confused about how to transform the look of your kitchen to give it a modern touch then you can contact us to hire our professional kitchen remodelers.

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