Advances your career high with distance education MCA program

Advances your career high with distance education MCA program

Master of Computer Applications is a professional Master’s Degree Programme that can take you to heights. The program is designed to provide sound theoretical and good practical exposure. It is for the field of computer applications. The MCA course is exclusively designed to meet IT requirements.  You can fulfill the needs of the organization. It is designed to offer in-depth knowledge. You can use it on recent technologies in use today. Students are also provided extensive laboratory training with these courses. All is possible with the help of distance education courses.  It is required to meet the course content and the current requirements of industries and R & D.

 We suggest you L.P.U distance education MCA Programme. The program covers various aspects in day to day life.  It includes Computation Theory, Programming Logic, Design & Optimization, Network, Database, Operating Systems, Mathematics & Finance.

Check out the below L.P.U distance education M.C.A Academic Objectives

  • This program prepares students to take up various positions.
  • It includes positions as systems analysts, system designers, programmers, and managers in any field related to IT.
  • The program aims at imparting comprehensive knowledge.
  • You can learn with equal emphasis on theory and practice.
  • The students are encouraged to spend a full semester working in the industry.
  • The course will give them insight into the workings of the IT world.
  • This program is designed to impart knowledge and training.
  • You can work on the recent advancements and modern trends in the field of computer applications.

Check out the various positions you may get after the M.C.A program:

  1. Senior Programmer
  2. Project Manager
  3. Systems and Software engineer
  4. Systems Manager
  5. Database Programmer/Designer
  6. Web Design Specialist
  7. System Analyst
  8. Information Security Specialist
  9. Quality Assurance Specialist
  10. Researcher Systems Developer
  11. Robotics Technology Specialist
  12. Computer Scientist

The courses open various job opportunities for you.  You can get work as Computer Science Instructor and also get an MSc (Master of Science in Computer Applications. It is a course at the postgraduate level in which students learn about computer aspects. Distance learning also helps you to learn applications theoretically and practically. Students in the M.C.A. program study various topics. It includes subjects such as Computer Communication Networks, Statistical Computing, and Artificial Intelligence and Applications.  In today’s advanced world, there has been an increase in the need for skilled employees and you get high packages. The program will last 3 years during which you may learn various concepts of computers.  The course advances your career and you may learn about the course of computers. It is a full-fledged computer-based course. It provides you with a thorough knowledge of computers.

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