A look into how Blizzard managed to remaster Diablo 2 effectively.

Action RPG games are at the forefront of computer gaming since their very inception, and this is a fact that can be traced by the popularity that these titles have enjoyed over all these years. By virtue of being one of the first entrants on the scene, titles in this genre enjoyed a virtual monopoly when it came to quality games, and it was the advent of sporting and racing games that challenged this monopoly in the rapidly heating-up segment of PC and online gaming.

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of games and titles that one can choose from, and for action RPGs to survive and flourish in this hyper-crowded space, they needed to pull off something that would define them for quite some time to come, and Blizzard was one of the first studios to identify this necessity, and that’s something that happened when they decided to take a look at Diablo 2, a game that was launched quite some time back. If you are wondering whether we are heading in the direction of Diablo 2 resurrected, you might just be right.

The game was one of the best in its segment upon its launch, but that’s something that started to change soon enough with the introduction of better games and features, something that the developers weren’t really prepared to handle from the very first day. Blizzard decided to avoid uncharted waters for the time being and felt that a remaster would be the right thing to do going forward, and that’s when they decided to launch Diablo 2 resurrected. This is a game that managed to bring the genre into the 2020s, and there are several advantages and improvements that they incorporated over the rest of the crowd.

Here, we will be taking a look at some of the developments and innovations that the developers decided to incorporate within the framework of this legendary action RPG title named diablo 2 resurrected, and the manner in which it influences the scene like none other. So, let’s start.

Superior graphics.

 When the very first edition of Diablo 2 hit our shores during the early 2000s, the industry-standard revolved around the pixelated graphics of the day, something that was pretty appalling by modern standards, but the options back then were restricted by the processing capabilities of the computers of the day. The initial version of the game just wasn’t able to keep up with the modern competition, and thus, Blizzard revamped the graphical standards, while keeping the storyline pretty unchanged. This was something that endeared the game to the fans of the franchise like never before, and they were strong on their way to regaining the spot that they once held in the hearts and minds of the players once upon a time.

Modern selling channels.

 There was a time when these games were sold exclusively by brick-and-mortar stores which were a characteristic part of every city and town out there, and it is certain that most of us would have several fond memories related to these stores. Well, these stores started to fall out of favour once online platforms started to make inroads into our society, and this is a phenomenon that can be strongly witnessed in the eCommerce space. The gaming scene was heavily influenced by the onslaught of online players as well, and platforms like steam were quick to identify the gaps in the market. Blizzard picked up on this opportunity when they decided to sell Diablo 2 resurrected on these online platforms.

Moreover, several online stores popped up that offered in-game items for sale, and these proved to be a boon for anyone who wanted to buy something like Diablo 2 resurrected runewords and use them to upgrade their character’s potential. These customization options were crucial to making the game what it is today, and it must be said that Blizzard really anticipated the future accurately with these maneuverings.

No more expansion packs!

If you are someone who has experienced the original version of the game that was launched during the early 2000s, you would be aware of the fact that it was a game that incorporated expansion packs, and the worst part about the same was that these packs were launched after the initial game was launched, and this worked against the overall trajectory of the game.

In the remastered version of the game, the developers decided to overlook this aspect of the game, and the storyline was slightly modified to include the expansion packs within the main title as well. This ensured that the players would be able to enjoy a seamless gaming experience, and won’t be hindered by the need to buy the expansion packs to carry the storyline forward.

Final take:

 Diablo 2: Resurrected is a game that has managed to carry forward the legacy of the original, and Blizzard has smartly incorporated some of the best features that they could lay their hands on in this edition of the game, including Diablo 2 resurrected runewords, items, action sequences, etc. If you are looking to experience some of the best action RPG action that the world has to offer, you just cannot afford to ignore this game.

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