4 Best Foods to Consume for Irregular Periods

Periods, also commonly known as menstruation is a very natural process in the female body. In this process, the blood and the tissues come from the uterus through the vagina.

There is always a time gap between one period and the next and it is known as a period cycle. On average, a cycle is of 28 days but, it is often delayed a week or two which raises a number of questions.

If you have this problem of having delayed periods then there is a huge chance that you are suffering from oligomenorrhea. This is also called as having irregular periods in simple words.

The best gynecologist in Paksuatn says that a lot of girls who suffer from irregular periods start to worry about them more than to find ways to make themselves better. There are a number of food options that if consumed can help a lot with irregular periods.

How to Identify if you have an irregular cycle?

A period’s cycle is very easy to count. It starts from the first day of your period to the first day of the next period. Generally, it can be between 26 to 32 days but it varies from woman to woman and month to month.

Sometimes it is considered very normal to have periods after 35 days. It is best to track your periods by using a number of applications that are available these days. Or a more simple way is to write down your previous date in order to know the next one coming.

Foods Good for Irregular Periods

Some of the food options can work as a miracle and can make your periods get regular in no time. Let’s have a look at all these options that can help out immensely.

1- Ginger

Ginger is great for getting your periods regularly and even for the menstrual pain that is felt on days when you have painful periods.  A warm mug of ginger tea is best to be used when you want to improve certain symptoms of menstruation. Giger is anti-inflammatory in nature and hence can help a lot in soothing the aching muscles.

Ginger can also work great in the reduction of nausea that is felt by mist girls when they are on their periods. It can also work great at the time of the starting trimester of pregnancy when nausea is pretty bad.

Since ginger is one such ingredient that is available at quite less price and has close to no side effects, it can be used.

But keep in mind to not use too much of it as consumption of ginger more than 4 grams in a day can cause stomachaches and heartburn.

2- Water

Drinking a lot of water is always very important for the proper functioning of the body. But it is equally important when it comes to drinking during your periods. Staying hydrated can help a lot in reducing the chances of dehydration headaches which is a very common symptom that is felt during menstruation.

Drinking lots of water during your periods can also help a lot in keeping your body away from retaining water and saving you from bloating. Bloating is also one of the common issues felt by a  number of women during their periods.

3- Iron-Rich Foods

Now, this must be known to every woman in the world that periods do make you lose a lot of iron. And a lot of times, when the periods are irregular, it means that there is a need to get the body enough iron so that it can make some blood.

So, irregular periods can be fixed by consuming foods that are rich in iron. Foods like peanuts, walnuts, and almonds are full of iron and must be consumed on a daily basis.

Leafy greens work the same. These can supply enough iron if consumed three times a week. Beetroot on the other end is great and can be consumed in the form of juice to improve the levels of iron in the body.

4-  Fish

Full of Omega-3 fatty acids and iron, fish is very nutritious and can be a great addition to your food. Consumption of iron will counteract the dip in the iron levels that you might experience when you are menstruating.

Or just to get your periods on the right time and to tackle irregular periods the foods. One of the best foods is fish.

Omega-3s can play a very important role in reducing the intensity of the period pain. Can also help the body get strong enough to get regular periods.


Irregular periods can be a huge pain and can disturb your routine in many ways. So, it is important to take steps that can help in regulating your periods. One of them is the consumption of foods that can help a lot. So, make sure to consume the right kind of food to help with irregular periods to make your cycle perfect.

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