10 Best Apps in 2023 to Improve Your English Essay

Writing an English essay is a very dreadful task. You must improve your English language proficiency and in-depth knowledge to write your essay precisely. With the help of an essay, you can present your experience or a detailed explanation of an event, topic, or issue. Essay writing is an important part of your degree, and you must submit a well-written essay to obtain good grades. To perfectly write your essay, you should enhance your knowledge, collect data from different sources, and include it in excellent English.

Most students find it difficult to write their essays in English. If English is not your first language, you may also face difficulties in writing your English essay. To avoid these problems, you should use an app in 2023 to perfectly write your essay in English. Various apps available on the internet can be used for this purpose. But the question that arises here is which app is the best for improving the English language of your essay? Due to the availability of those multiple apps, selecting the best one is not so easy. To learn and find the best app for your writing, you should read this article carefully.

In this article, we will discuss the 10 best apps in 2023 to improve your English essay.

Which 2023 Apps are the Best for Improving your English Essay?

Looking at the problems of several students, I have researched and come up with the top 10 apps of 2023. These apps are the best for providing help in writing and improving the quality of an English essay. The list of the following apps is given below:

  1. Grammarly
  2. The Academic Papers UK
  3. FluentU
  4. Mondly
  5. Sounds
  6. Duolingo
  7. Babbel
  8. Memrise
  9. Lingodeer
  10. Busuu

To get familiar with these apps, continue your reading. Let us discuss the description of these apps.


If you are an ESL student and face various problems in writing your English essay, then this app can be helpful for you. You can use this app to write your essay in perfect English. Grammarly is a software or app that automatically detects your writing mistakes and provides suggestions to correct them. This software uses artificial intelligence to provide the right suggestions to improve your writing. Using this app, you can easily correct all spelling, grammar, and sentence structure mistakes in your writing.

The Academic Papers UK

This app is unlike Grammarly, which detects mistakes and gives suggestions to correct them. It is an online platform connecting you with English experts. You can take assistance from those experts to improve your English essay quality. This website allows you to select an expert to get English essay help according to your required date and time.


FluentU is a software that provides various videos on improving the English language. Due to this feature, this software is also called YouTube for ESL students. An ESL student can get help from this software to enhance his English proficiency and easily write his English essay. You can also search for the definition of an English word if you cannot understand its meaning. You should use this app to improve your English to write your essay expertly.


Mondly is the most common app among ESL students. An ESL Student who is weak in English used this app to improve his English essay. You can speak a sentence of your essay, and this app provides feedback on it with the help of speech recognition technology. Also, you can easily find and correct mistakes in your essay writing by utilising this app. You can also play different recorded voices of multiple native English speakers to learn the basics of English.


It is one of the most popular pronunciation apps that is used for improving your English speaking. With the help of this app, you can also improve your English language proficiency and vocabulary. Which results in you can easily write your English essay.


Duolingo is a well-recognised app among students who are weak in English. This app helps in learning English and provides classes in more than 5 languages other than English. It can also scan your essay and provide suggestions for correcting your mistakes.


Babbel is an app that provides courses for learning important English language rules. You can select any course according to your free time. The major benefit of this app is that it can provide courses that are only 15 to 20 minutes long. These courses not only contain a single class but also provide different practice assignments on improving grammatical skills. After taking those classes, you can easily write your English essay with zero mistakes.


Memrise, as its name suggests, provides new words and phrases to improve the quality of your English essay. With the help of this app, you can efficiently write your essay in English. You can also improve your speaking and listening skills by using this app.


Lingodeer is an app that can help in writing your English essay. It can scan your writing and detect all the mistakes. Like Grammarly, it can help detect spelling, grammar, and sentence structure mistakes. This app also provides videos and audios for English language learners to enhance their proficiency in the English language. These videos are very short but significantly improve the basics of your English.


This software helps you to enhance your English speaking. It is based on artificial intelligence that analyses your recorded voice and gives suggestions if it finds any mistakes. This app also has a bundle of already recorded dialogues that can help you to improve your English. Using this app, you can improve your English language proficiency and skillfully enhance the quality of your English essay.


Writing an English essay for an ESL student is quite difficult. If you are also finding difficulties in expertly writing your essay in English, you should use a top app in 2023. Select the best app to help you improve your English and write a high-quality essay.

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